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Episode 42 – Kinaesthesia & The Answer to the Ultimate Question

Welcome back. This week we’re joined by Kinaesthesia from and US #1 guild <Vodka>. I am still not sure what the Ultimate Question is, but if anyone can tell us, it has got to be Kinaesthesia.

Yes, listeners, I am also surprised that it took us 42 episodes before we had a guest from an alcohol-themed guild come on the show, but it was worth the wait. We talk about what it’s like developing strats that other guilds can follow, some of the work that goes into L2Raid, and Kina’s undying love for Ke$ha.

Capped off by a fun Hot Seat and a live stream of us playing LoL with Kina & Killars.

Games we played this week:
Vik – Battleheart, LoL
Logan – his Nintendo DS.
Hi-Ya – some grindy J-RPG you’ve probably never heard of
Kina – LoL, WoW, Words w/ Friends

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Episode 38 – Edge Cage Match

This idea has been on the back burner for a while, I just didn’t know if I could do it justice. I wanted to profile how different raiding guilds operate, but I ran into the issue of how would I get an unbiased view. Would it be best to interview a raid leader? What about a raider or new recruit? I didn’t want a pretty recruiting pitch; I wanted the dirty truth.

This is where this week’s guests come in. We have had Mel on the show in the past. He is a stand up-guy. He leads raid. His guild, Edge on Garona, gets bosses down. But what raider can stand-up to a stand-up guy and help paint the full picture? Logically, Derevka.

Enjoy the interview, stay for the off-the-wall questions at the end.


Ep 30: Go to the Well, mofo!!

Lesson 1.) Click the damn Lightwell
Lesson 2.) Sometimes when you make awkward statements on Twitter, it can totally pay off
Lesson 3.) Solar flares suck

[Vik, these are terrible show notes. Don't worry, I'll pick up the slack. -Logan]

Due to a solar flare killing my internet, this episode is a little overdue. Nevertheless, we had the joy of having Tomaj aka Gotowell from on the podcast. Expect Lego Man Human Centipedes, Rachel Bilson, Klondike Bars, my chances of picking up girls dressed as bears and perhaps some WoW talk.

Whoopi digs it; I think you will too.
-Logan of Deeprun Tram Productions

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Episode 26 – We make your co-host purr

Every show is a fun time for Logan, Hi-Ya and myself, but this week we had a ridiculously good time. Our special guest, wrapping up our month long “Ladies Who Love it Leet” series is Kat from the Matticast and Light and Leafy.

We cover T12 armor set aesthetics, troll instances, Portal 2, and how Logan could possibly get fooled by a tranny. I admit, I was a bit little worried that Kat was as prim & proper as they try to make her sound each week on Matticast, but boy was I in for a surprise. This gal is a hoot and a half, and anyone who agrees to the “right meow” drinking game is A+ in my book.

Stayed tuned at the end for a special Blizzcon event featuring us, Kat, and hopefully no law enforcement.



Episode 24: Hya not Hi-Ya

These week our guest is Hyasen, GM of Northrend Travel Agency on Doomhammer-A, and co-host of the GKick podcast.

For a change we actually talked a bit about the news, mostly the Guild Finder and Guild Challenge features coming in 4.1 patch. We also included a special edition of Logan & Vik Fix Shit, and briefly discussed WoW TCG and Minecraft. Be sure to check out Hyasen’s blog to see their Minecraft Stormwind project.

Typing up this summary I realize I forgot to ask her why it’s called GKick if they never publicly gkick anyone.


Episode 11: Conquest PvPness Extravaganza

We have loads to talk about on this week’s episode. We have Shockzula, Tralina, and Taylor on from the Conquest PvP division to talk about the present state of Rated BGs. Never disappointing, the podcast has what is possibly the most rowdy Q&A session to date with our guests. Don’t miss out.


Episode 5 with Matticus

We chat with Matticus, from, about his experience being Guild Master of Conquest – Ner’zhul during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and the furture for his guild in Cataclysm on this episode of The Leetsauced Podcast. We also engage him in a revealing Q&A session with a shocking podcast plot twist. Evan “Hi-Ya” Yan tests out and presents the drink-along-at-home drinking game and we have another edition of Sxyman’s Pro-Guide to Pro-Raiding.



Episode 4 with Thee Matticus, Eche and Evan “Hi-Ya” Yan

Logan got some new recording gear so we got together an impromptu episode with Thee Matticus, Eche and Hi-Ya Yan.  We talk about what we did this week in WoW, talk a little about Blizzcon antics, discuss what we want to finish before Cataclysm drops and what we are most excited to see in Cataclysm.  We finish off the show, against Matticus’s will, with a game of what Karaoke song Matticus would sing drunk.  Also, enjoy some bloopers after the show.

Note:Episode 3, it’s still in the cutting room, we didn’t forget about it.