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Ep 63 – Tier 14 Raid Impressions

This week our hosts focus on Mists of Pandaria content, especially Tier 14 raids. Since the release of MoP, we haven’t had a WoW-centric episode, so we figured we would do an omnibus discussion of our impressions including:

  • Leveling Process
  • Pandaria Zones
  • Heroics, Dailies and various Gear Grinds
  • Sweet sweet Tier 14 raiding
  • Auctions that got Logan Gold-Capped
  • For our first and third segments, we were lucky enough to snag Rayfyst from The Sundering Podcast, though Ray had to abstain from the tier 14 raiding discussion in order to prevent a string of profanities regarding his own raiding experience. Sorry Ray.

    As we discussed our opinions on raiding in MoP, and particularly Tier 14, our hosts decided to share some of their choices for how to set-up for each boss. In this episode you will hear the 1st new installment in “Hi-Ya’s TL;DR Raid Guide” in over year, and below you will find Vik’s talent choices for each boss in Tier 14.

    wow priest talents in tier 14 raids

    Vik’s T14 talents

    (link to full-size)

    Vik’s Notes:

  • I tend to stay away from Twist of Fate, but it can be useful when healing spikier tanks
  • Desperate Prayer vs Angelic Bulwark is a play-style choice. I opt for Bulwark’s automatic use vs DP’s active use, except on fights where I phase or can get feared and may not have other healers around to pitch in.
  • Power Infusion vs Divine Insight: your use may vary. Consider how often you will really be casting the spells that trigger the DI proc, as well as consider how many times you will actually be able to make helpful use of PI during the encounter.
  • Play

    LeetSauced Holiday Special

    You can’t have holidays without drinking, and you wouldn’t want to be drinking without a brand new dose of Logan & Vik in your ear, right? Therefore, hot on the […]

    You can’t have holidays without drinking, and you wouldn’t want to be drinking without a brand new dose of Logan & Vik in your ear, right?

    Therefore, hot on the heels of our prestigious Stoppies nomination, we bring you: A LeetSauced Holiday Special!

    In this 2+ hour special, we cover:
    - WTF have you guys been up to?
    - What’s in your Kwanzaa cup
    - fan-favorite segment: “Hi-Ya Help You!”
    - More FUUFA
    - Early patch notes for Patch 5.2: Thunder King Apocalypse
    - Zombie Cortez
    - A special appearance by Black Santa!



    Episode 61 – “Now with more Ass Punching” featuring Jasyla

    Note: This episode was recorded several weeks ago. We’re very sorry for the delays in getting content out recently. We love doing the show, we will keep trying to get […]

    Note: This episode was recorded several weeks ago. We’re very sorry for the delays in getting content out recently. We love doing the show, we will keep trying to get episodes out as best we can. Thanks for sticking with us, and we hope you enjoy.

    Also Note: Even though I call it Episode 60 in the opening, this is really our 61st episode. Oops.

    Our guest this week is Jasyla from Cannot Be Tamed, and newly minted GM of Apotheosis 25-person raiding guild.

    This is the longest episode we’ve done in a while, but when you see the topics discussed, you’ll know why. Still, clocking in at over 2 hours just in the second segment, this is a lot of good content and Jasyla was an amazing sport about everything.

    Topics discussed in this episode include:
    - New Strategy discussion for treasure goblins and treasure trolls. Get your fists ready.
    - Vik watches anime & Logan asks him about it
    - Logan plays a dating sim (big surprise)
    - Jasyla stages a coup and takes over Apotheosis
    - What it’s like to Rated BG against Logan, and can you show us on the doll where he touched you.
    - F2P SWTOR
    - Delayed Raid Start in MoP
    - Riot goes big with LoL Season 3
    - We talk about partying at Mel’s library.
    - Diablo 3 patch rolls out “paragon levels“. Yay, 100 more levels to grind.
    - We bribe Jasyla to take Matticus off our hands before MoP


    Episode 52 – Fush your Collectors Edition featuring Xia!

    Welcome back for another hour+ of comedy, ranting & sexual inuendo. This week’s guest certainly makes sure to inspire all of those, as we’re happy to have Xia from WoW/SWToR […]

    Welcome back for another hour+ of comedy, ranting & sexual inuendo. This week’s guest certainly makes sure to inspire all of those, as we’re happy to have Xia from WoW/SWToR podcast The Sundering back.

    On the agenda:
    - WoW Pandaria stat changes announced
    - Vik’s idea of how to improve epic weapons vs Legendaries
    - Mass Effect 3 comes this week, and brings a shit-storm of Day 1 DLC controversy with it.
    - Origin vs Steam
    - At some point we decide to talk about this guy, though I’m not sure I remember why.
    - We also discuss porn knock-offs of studio films, including Spider Babe

    Games we played:
    Vik – WoW, LoL, Dragon Age II
    Logan – every japanese dating sim (aka Love Plus)
    Hi-Ya – something super cool that you’ve probably never heard of

    Stay tuned to the end for a special edition of the Hot Seat where Xia flips the tables on us, and later for the announcement of our latest contest.

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    Ep 51 – Vik blows his shit about Bubble Spam, and MadCast Prince is actually remarkably calm

    Welcome to Episode 51 with Sweetaru/The Prince from the official MadCast gaming community podcast (and his lesser known work including appearances in Pitch Black, xXx, and as the voice of the Iron Giant).

    This week we discuss the multiple blue posts regarding Mists of Pandaria talents, the talent calculators and new (unofficial – “may not make it onto live”) class abilities. Long-story short, hunters are OP, shamans get holy form before priests ever do, and shitty players who love to bubble spam are ruining life for Vik’s favorite spec. (RAAAAGE!!)

    — Show Notes —
    Games Mentioned: Raid Leader by Crescent Moon Studios for iOS (article sadly not written by Ep 48 guest Jaime), Mass Effect 3 demo

    BMK references: a “top lane special“, Tryndamere, Pantheon, Warwick, Blitzcrank & Gangplank

    (unrelated note: Ahri cosplay is sexy as fuck. thanks girls)

    Damn you Bubble Spam!!


    Ep 50 – Warcraft Podcast

    Fifty damn episodes recorded, most of them have even seen the light of day. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but for an enterprise that revolves about drinking copious amounts of adult beverages and talking about video games (and occasionally pop culture), I like how far we’ve come.

    Example: I can drink at least 10% more than I could when we started the show, and the complaints about my slurring have begun to decline, so hey, that’s progress.

    Regardless, whether we’ve been talking about World of Warcraft, League of Legends, some crazy indie game that Hi-Ya & Logan found on steam, or any other way to pass our time and/or pwn noobs, we’ve had a great time recording the first 50 episodes of this podcast, and things can only get better from here.

    Between the guests we’ve had on and the amazing listeners who download our show, we’re glad we started this project, and I for one can’t wait to see how it turns out as we continue the experiment. Thanks to all of you who continue to support us.

    For this particular show, we reached out on Real ID & on Twitter to pull a few friends in for some spontaneous discussion & fun. We’re joined by Matt Low & Rayfyst, and have a special Hot Seat segment with Theck.

    Videos mentioned in this show: Keelhaul/Mogfather Transmog Fashion Show

    So put on your best IRL Cosplay transmog sets, grab a cold one, and enjoy the show.

    - LeetSauced Crew


    Ep 49 – Bros

    “blah blah blah text

    Bring back Ulduar Hardmodes.

    Dungeon Defenders

    Taylor’s Crazy 2-Liter Canadian Beer.”

    These are the show notes Vik wrote up. They made me laugh, so I felt like sharing that.

    Nevertheless, This week we have Taylor on, who you may, or may not, remember from episode 8, and HiYa speaks! We talk about Ulduar style hard modes and Blizzard’s cock tease Blue Post about bringing them back. We also talk Dungeon Defenders, the upcoming Dragon Soul nerfs, and sadness and hope we felt after hearing the Zion of WoW conventions, Blizzcon, will not be happening this year.

    Rather than our normal hot seat segment, we opted to mix it up and fielded some Yahoo Answers questions.

    Grab a beer, take a seat, and enjoy this week’s show.


    Ep 48 – iOS Gaming Apps & Logan’s eRP guild with @atjamie

    Headline News: Logan has taken over the reigns as the GM of an eRP guild. Be sure to hit him up for a guild invite and he just might tell you about his Jar-Jar Binks chest tattoo.

    On an unrelated note, our guest this week is Jamie from The Dock Podcast and App Advice. Before recording, our hosts downloaded a number of Jamie’s favorite games, and we get into our take on these games, as well as mobile/iOS gaming as a whole during our discussion topic.

    Jamie’s Favorite Game Apps
    Temple Run – Vik: 2 Stars – Logan: 1 Star
    Thorn – Vik: 1 Star – Logan: 1 Star
    Batman Arkham City Lockdown – Vik: 3.5 Stars
    Zombie Minesweeper – Vik: 2 Stars
    Scribblenauts Remix – Vik: 1.5 Stars (for hand-holding) Logan: Go play the DS version.
    Jetpack Joyride – Vik: 3 Stars – Logan: 3 Stars
    Carcassone (Vik: review withheld because there’s no instruction and the game is apparently really fun if you know the board-game version)
    Dungeon Raid – Vik: 3.5 Stars

    One’s we didn’t get to but she still swears are pretty good:
    The Dark Meadow
    Infinity Blade II
    Super Craft Box
    Mage Gauntlet


    Ep 47 – Double Paladin Tanking with Mel & Theck (Don’t BoP me, bro!)

    As the title suggests, this week we are joined by the world famous Mel & Theck of Paladin & leadership blog Sacred Duty. Fans of the show will remember Mel from such great episodes as “Vik Normally Does the Titles“, “Meanwhile in Orgrimmar” & “Edge Cage Match“. Fans of the show who are also secretly ninjas spying on our every movement will also remember Theck from an un-aired episode that was sadly plagued with technical problems and extremely drunken hosts.

    (Those that aren’t fans of the show are probably here hoping that either Anafielle was included, or that Theck had a spare Emberseal to give you for showing up. He doesn’t. Stop being a beggar.)

    In this episode, Vik does his best to get out of the way and let the big dogs debate amongst themselves on topics including:

    - Dragon Soul encounters
    - The state of raiding and raid difficulty in WoW
    - Best/Worst elements from Cataclysm
    - The impact of the LFR

    After we wash all that down with some Molson, we get into a special Crossfire edition of the Hotseat, and nobody’s safe this time.

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    Ep 46 – It’s not a holiday without complaining

    It’s the holidays, the time when amateur drunks get wasted at company parties and the rest of us functional drinkers get to laugh at them. Hooray!

    Special guest this week, Ceraphus from The Sundering podcast (you know, that show with Rayfyst and….aaahhh, Xia). We decide to have Ceraphus on in hopes that his usual rage and complaints would help fuel a great “Airing of Grievances” for all of our Festivus friends.

    (Plus after having Thespeus on the last show, I wanted to bring on a guest that wouldn’t distract the ladies from my great tumbleweed accent.)

    Festivus not your holiday, don’t worry, we’re also celebrating Logan’s first Chanukah, though that celebration may or may not be limited to drinking and discussion kosher wine. L’Chaim!

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