Ep 17 – Pizza Delivery & StarJeweled Pwnage

Welcome back.

This week we had Rayfyst from The Sundering Podcast as our special guest. Ray was a great guest as we debated fatigue/burn-out and we also threw in a special discussion segment covering one of the topics I wrote about in Tough Call. I also talked our guest into sharing some epic tales from his adventures in food delivery.

For your listening enjoyment, a segment where we are on break, which usually would’ve been edited out, has been left in to give listeners insight as to the wacky off topic antics which occur each show. Who knows, maybe there will be a B-side record which will include all of these when we hit it big.

If you stick-around, after the show we talked Rayfyst into playing StarJeweled with us. Spoiler: Hi-Ya Yan is a BEAST at that game. Do not let him fool you.

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