Episode 12: Would you kill Princess Toadstool?

Hey gang, this week we have Fimlys from TNB as our guest. We talk about the WoW Community, what it takes to keep blogs/podcasts going, some random hunter stuff (sorry, think I got distracted and went for a refill at that point), and wrap it up with an 8-Bit themed Bang-Marry-Kill.

Also, this week we bring you the first installment of a new series, “Hi-Ya Yan’s TLDR Boss Breakdowns”. This series promises to be much more fun & educational than the long-lost Sxyman’s guide.

Also, you can hear Vik & Logan as guests on Episode 21 of The Sundering podcast. It’s always a good time when we can go on the road and retain our Drunken Podcast championship belts.

P.S., we’ve got some great guests lined up in the coming weeks, and an extra special event planned for you on Valentine’s Day.

– Viktory

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