Episode 13: How did that guy from Raid Warning sneak in here?

Hola, bienvenido al LeetSauced. Quieres una cerveza?

Episode lucky number 13. Yeah!

I’d like to start with a high-five to all of you have listening in. We started getting some reliable download stats and were pretty surprised by what we got. I’m sorta suspicious that there’s a rogue drinking game out there based on some dumb habit of mine and that’s what’s fueling our listener base.

So this week we decided we’d do the whole “keep your enemies closer” thing and have Thespius from Raid Warning podcast on our show. We discussed 10-man guild ops, recruiting, and Chicago style meat pie vs New York Pizza.

We have another installment of Hi-Ya Yan’s “TLDR Boss Breakdowns”, and be sure to stay tuned to the end of the show for a special Matticus impression.

By the way, keep your ears tuned, we may or may not have been challenged to an “Ultimate Drinking Game” by our good friend Lodur and his cohorts. I’m pretty sure we’ve got it in the bag.

For more of Vik, check out my “Tough Call” column on World of Matticus every Saturday.

For more of Logan, mail him some beers and he’ll send you a digital beard hug.

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