Episode 14: Get Borsked

Getting the Episode out a little late, but hey, at least it’s not another Episode 8, right?

This time we had Borsk from borsked.com & The Matticast stop by. In between beers we talked about the on-going nerfing/trivialization of content, ways to call someone out for mistakes in raid, and weighed in on the always good 10 vs 25-man topic. (I may have gotten a little belligerent during that last one.)

We also introduce a new segment this week called “Logan and Vik Fix Shit” where, hence the name, Logan and Vik along with their guest offer feedback and possible improvements on a topic. This week we dive face first into the porn industry and pick it apart.

Looking back, it’s interesting that Borsk is the fourth shaman we’ve had on our show, and I don’t think any of them managed to blow Heroism before they got too drunk.

P.S.: Many Bothan’s died to bring us this information.

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