Episode 15: How to make Gold with Marcko

Suit up, guys. This week we’ve got the founder of JustMyTwoCopper and 20K Leveling, as well as co-host of the Call to Auction podcast, so we’re discussing Auction Housing, how to get started and what resources are available to take you from Zero to Gold Capped in no time flat. Afterall, Markco is the only man I know who will tell you exactly what markets he works, and dare you to do it better than him.

Then we wildly change course and get Markco to discuss his true, bloodthirsty interest, dominating in PvP as a Prot Warrior.

We had a great time and I’m pretty sure we made Markco pull an all-nighter to get to work the next day. There’s also a special song Sxyman wrote and performed in there for you, and we learn some secrets about Hi-Ya Yan and how you too can carry him around in your pocket everyday.

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