Episode 22: Michele Morrow will beat your ass!

We hope you all enjoyed Episode 21. We had a lot of fun making it and really appreciated everyone who pitched in.

In this episode we kick off our month long “Ladies Love it Leet” campaign with the fantastic Michele Morrow. GM, Actress and all-around badass Michele pitches in as we discuss the LFG:Call to Arms that’s gotten folks riled up this week, as well as the eternal hunter topic: extreme soloing. We also get the inside scoop on the Foam Weapon League, and I believe we volunteered Lodur & Matticus to compete as an UP themed tag-team.

Certainly, don’t forget to go to Michele’s facebook page for her Sylvanas campaign and lend your support. It’d be awesome to have a real gamer like her involved in the project. And be sure to stay tuned this October when I may or may not put my life in Michele’s hands for a William Tell reenactment. I really hope she’s perfected foam projectiles by then.



P.S.: I left all the linking to Logan, so who knows what you’ll actually see here. It’s an adventure for you and me both.

P.P.S.: It’s true, liquor DOES get you drunk quicker, as evidenced by Vik & Michele at the end of the show.

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