Episode 23: Xia don’t give a fush

Welcome back, y’all,

This week our guest is Xia from The Sundering podcast as we continue our “Ladies love it Leet” series. Why? Well because we love alliteration, and anyone who has a Princess Peach avatar wins in my book.

I don’t remember a lot of the show, but I know we discussed cakefarts, MassiveLAN, wearing your underwear on your head, shoes, flaccid hand-jobs, making young ladies watch us play Fall-Out, Logan’s hatred of flip-flops and overall anti-foot fetish, Blizzcon, inappropriate depictions of classic NES characters, and a lot of my drunk ramblings about Thespeus.

Listen close and you’ll get the recipe for Hi-Ya Yan’s drink-of-choice: Tokyo Tea.

We also announced our new jingle contest. Send us in your best jingles to play before our “What’s in your cup” segment, and we’ll send the winner a copy of the new gold guide we got from Trading with Zoxy. Send us your recordings to LeetSaucedPodcast@gmail.com.

Also feel free to send your “I can’t believe you hated on my foot fetish” letters to mail@worldofmatticus.com

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