Episode 26 – We make your co-host purr

Every show is a fun time for Logan, Hi-Ya and myself, but this week we had a ridiculously good time. Our special guest, wrapping up our month long “Ladies Who Love it Leet” series is Kat from the Matticast and Light and Leafy.

We cover T12 armor set aesthetics, troll instances, Portal 2, and how Logan could possibly get fooled by a tranny. I admit, I was a bit little worried that Kat was as prim & proper as they try to make her sound each week on Matticast, but boy was I in for a surprise. This gal is a hoot and a half, and anyone who agrees to the “right meow” drinking game is A+ in my book.

Stayed tuned at the end for a special Blizzcon event featuring us, Kat, and hopefully no law enforcement.


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