Episode 35 – VentChat wonders what Hi-Ya’s wearing.

We had a great time recording with our guests this week: Fen & Turdhat from VentChat. These guys really know how to bring it, with T-Hat uncorking his bottles like a pirate mid-show. We also talk about a lot of games we’re playing lately, including the classic EQ server these guys are on.

Discussion Topics:
– Diablo III Real Money AH
– iOS gaming, and particularly a discussion about controls

For those of you who weren’t around, Logan talked Fen into using VentChat’s live stream for our final segment, and we did the Hot Seat live on the air. Be sure to check out the part where Turdhat flips the tables on us and throws some rapid fire questions at Logan & Vik.

[photo:Random Curiosity]

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