Episode 39 – Hiatus Recap and Patch 4.3 Views

This week it’s just Logan, Hi-Ya & I, casually discussing the games we’ve been playing since the Edge Cage Match episode. Between Minecraft, Dominion, Binding Isaac, The World Ends with You and Bastion, we’ve been spending plenty of time outside of WoW this month.

Aside from Logan’s stellar raid leading (lessons from @Melofedge I suspect), Vik’s actually spent more time hitting the AH, Brewfest & the PTR as we all anxiously await Patch 4.3 and Blizzcon.

Taking a look at the Season 11 armor sets coming in Patch 4.3, we’re happy to announce that Warlock pvp is your new skanky rp set.

Then we wrap it up with a 1 v 1 v 1 hot-seat crossfire, where we also get to hear what anime character Hi-Ya would be most likely to cosplay as at next year’s AnimeCon.

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