Episode 40 – Blizzcon 2011 Packing & Survival

Well, we’re all hyped for Blizzcon, especially those of us who are turning it into an extended road trip.

This week our guest is Kat from Light & Leafy and the show formerly known at The Matticast. We discuss briefly what Blizzcon events we’re looking forward to, then get into what probably should have been a Vik & Logan Fix Shit segment about what to pack for optimal partying at Blizzcon.

(Whoa, two new shows in as many weeks; what kind of program are we running here? Also, excuse any factual errors as Hi-Ya joined us half-way through.)

A big thanks to Kat for staying up all night and keeping us entertaining. Be sure to check us all out on Episode 50 of The Sundering.

Also, if you’re at any of the Blizzcon festivities, let us know. Reach out to us on twitter @LeetSauced; we’re always happy to have a drink with listeners/community folks.

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