Episode 41 – Vegas & Blizzcon Debriefing

The team finally got over the Blizzcon-crud and doesn’t sound like a bad bunch of Batmans.
We talk about our week’s in gaming. Vik has been digging some Might and Magic 6. Logan punched bricks, not in Minecraft, but in Picross 3D for the DS. Digital farmer/fighter, HiYa has been playing Rune Factory : Tides of Destiny on the Ps3.

We roped in thee Matticus to talk about the wild Vegas trip. Expect tales of ladies of the night, older ladies in the night, craps and keno. We then talk of Blizzcon party adventures and recount all the friends we met along the way.

What would a WoW podcast be without talk of WoW? Never fear, we share our feelings of Pandas, Pokemon, Talent overhauls, and the WoW Annual Pass.

There is also a prize you should look for at the end of the podcast!

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