Episode 42 – Kinaesthesia & The Answer to the Ultimate Question

Welcome back. This week we’re joined by Kinaesthesia from L2Raid.com and US #1 guild <Vodka>. I am still not sure what the Ultimate Question is, but if anyone can tell us, it has got to be Kinaesthesia.

Yes, listeners, I am also surprised that it took us 42 episodes before we had a guest from an alcohol-themed guild come on the show, but it was worth the wait. We talk about what it’s like developing strats that other guilds can follow, some of the work that goes into L2Raid, and Kina’s undying love for Ke$ha.

Capped off by a fun Hot Seat and a live stream of us playing LoL with Kina & Killars.

Games we played this week:
Vik – Battleheart, LoL
Logan – his Nintendo DS.
Hi-Ya – some grindy J-RPG you’ve probably never heard of
Kina – LoL, WoW, Words w/ Friends

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