Ep 46 – It’s not a holiday without complaining

It’s the holidays, the time when amateur drunks get wasted at company parties and the rest of us functional drinkers get to laugh at them. Hooray!

Special guest this week, Ceraphus from The Sundering podcast (you know, that show with Rayfyst and….aaahhh, Xia). We decide to have Ceraphus on in hopes that his usual rage and complaints would help fuel a great “Airing of Grievances” for all of our Festivus friends.

(Plus after having Thespeus on the last show, I wanted to bring on a guest that wouldn’t distract the ladies from my great tumbleweed accent.)

Festivus not your holiday, don’t worry, we’re also celebrating Logan’s first Chanukah, though that celebration may or may not be limited to drinking and discussion kosher wine. L’Chaim!

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