Ep 47 – Double Paladin Tanking with Mel & Theck (Don’t BoP me, bro!)

As the title suggests, this week we are joined by the world famous Mel & Theck of Paladin & leadership blog Sacred Duty. Fans of the show will remember Mel from such great episodes as “Vik Normally Does the Titles“, “Meanwhile in Orgrimmar” & “Edge Cage Match“. Fans of the show who are also secretly ninjas spying on our every movement will also remember Theck from an un-aired episode that was sadly plagued with technical problems and extremely drunken hosts.

(Those that aren’t fans of the show are probably here hoping that either Anafielle was included, or that Theck had a spare Emberseal to give you for showing up. He doesn’t. Stop being a beggar.)

In this episode, Vik does his best to get out of the way and let the big dogs debate amongst themselves on topics including:

– Dragon Soul encounters
– The state of raiding and raid difficulty in WoW
– Best/Worst elements from Cataclysm
– The impact of the LFR

After we wash all that down with some Molson, we get into a special Crossfire edition of the Hotseat, and nobody’s safe this time.

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