Ep 48 – iOS Gaming Apps & Logan’s eRP guild with @atjamie

Headline News: Logan has taken over the reigns as the GM of an eRP guild. Be sure to hit him up for a guild invite and he just might tell you about his Jar-Jar Binks chest tattoo.

On an unrelated note, our guest this week is Jamie from The Dock Podcast and App Advice. Before recording, our hosts downloaded a number of Jamie’s favorite games, and we get into our take on these games, as well as mobile/iOS gaming as a whole during our discussion topic.

Jamie’s Favorite Game Apps
Temple Run – Vik: 2 Stars – Logan: 1 Star
Thorn – Vik: 1 Star – Logan: 1 Star
Batman Arkham City Lockdown – Vik: 3.5 Stars
Zombie Minesweeper – Vik: 2 Stars
Scribblenauts Remix – Vik: 1.5 Stars (for hand-holding) Logan: Go play the DS version.
Jetpack Joyride – Vik: 3 Stars – Logan: 3 Stars
Carcassone (Vik: review withheld because there’s no instruction and the game is apparently really fun if you know the board-game version)
Dungeon Raid – Vik: 3.5 Stars

One’s we didn’t get to but she still swears are pretty good:
The Dark Meadow
Infinity Blade II
Super Craft Box
Mage Gauntlet

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