Ep 49 – Bros

“blah blah blah text

Bring back Ulduar Hardmodes.

Dungeon Defenders

Taylor’s Crazy 2-Liter Canadian Beer.”

These are the show notes Vik wrote up. They made me laugh, so I felt like sharing that.

Nevertheless, This week we have Taylor on, who you may, or may not, remember from episode 8, and HiYa speaks! We talk about Ulduar style hard modes and Blizzard’s cock tease Blue Post about bringing them back. We also talk Dungeon Defenders, the upcoming Dragon Soul nerfs, and sadness and hope we felt after hearing the Zion of WoW conventions, Blizzcon, will not be happening this year.

Rather than our normal hot seat segment, we opted to mix it up and fielded some Yahoo Answers questions.

Grab a beer, take a seat, and enjoy this week’s show.

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