Ep 51 – Vik blows his shit about Bubble Spam, and MadCast Prince is actually remarkably calm

Welcome to Episode 51 with Sweetaru/The Prince from the official MadCast gaming community podcast (and his lesser known work including appearances in Pitch Black, xXx, and as the voice of the Iron Giant).

This week we discuss the multiple blue posts regarding Mists of Pandaria talents, the talent calculators and new (unofficial – “may not make it onto live”) class abilities. Long-story short, hunters are OP, shamans get holy form before priests ever do, and shitty players who love to bubble spam are ruining life for Vik’s favorite spec. (RAAAAGE!!)

— Show Notes —
Games Mentioned: Raid Leader by Crescent Moon Studios for iOS (article sadly not written by Ep 48 guest Jaime), Mass Effect 3 demo

BMK references: a “top lane special“, Tryndamere, Pantheon, Warwick, Blitzcrank & Gangplank

(unrelated note: Ahri cosplay is sexy as fuck. thanks girls)

Damn you Bubble Spam!!

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