Ep 63 – Tier 14 Raid Impressions

This week our hosts focus on Mists of Pandaria content, especially Tier 14 raids. Since the release of MoP, we haven’t had a WoW-centric episode, so we figured we would do an omnibus discussion of our impressions including:

  • Leveling Process
  • Pandaria Zones
  • Heroics, Dailies and various Gear Grinds
  • Sweet sweet Tier 14 raiding
  • Auctions that got Logan Gold-Capped
  • For our first and third segments, we were lucky enough to snag Rayfyst from The Sundering Podcast, though Ray had to abstain from the tier 14 raiding discussion in order to prevent a string of profanities regarding his own raiding experience. Sorry Ray.

    As we discussed our opinions on raiding in MoP, and particularly Tier 14, our hosts decided to share some of their choices for how to set-up for each boss. In this episode you will hear the 1st new installment in “Hi-Ya’s TL;DR Raid Guide” in over year, and below you will find Vik’s talent choices for each boss in Tier 14.

    wow priest talents in tier 14 raids

    Vik’s T14 talents

    (link to full-size)

    Vik’s Notes:

  • I tend to stay away from Twist of Fate, but it can be useful when healing spikier tanks
  • Desperate Prayer vs Angelic Bulwark is a play-style choice. I opt for Bulwark’s automatic use vs DP’s active use, except on fights where I phase or can get feared and may not have other healers around to pitch in.
  • Power Infusion vs Divine Insight: your use may vary. Consider how often you will really be casting the spells that trigger the DI proc, as well as consider how many times you will actually be able to make helpful use of PI during the encounter.
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