Vik & Ray in the Morning – Episode Zero

Howdy listeners,

This week we have a special treat for you. In addition to your regularly scheduled LeetSauced (Episode 64 will be posted very soon), we also have a sneak peak at a new show from Vik and frequent guest of the show Rayfyst. For your A.M. enjoyment, we give you “Vik & Ray in the Mornings”.

The idea behind this show is to do a short podcast that can be edited and published quickly, in hopes that this allows us to provide content to you much more often; ideally several times a week. We also wanted to create a forum to discuss some of the asides that would otherwise derail the episode over at our existing projects. Open to any topic that seems relevant to ourselves and our listeners, Vik & Ray promises to be irreverent, random and entertaining.

In this episode, our hosts discuss:
– JJ Abrams new Star Wars
– Sword Art Online

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.
(Ray promises more production will go into future episodes.)

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