A podcast with two co-hosts and one guest. We talk about our week in the World of Warcraft, a couple of discussion topics and an off the wall interview with our guest, while having a few beverages in the process.

Logan – Messiah of Hunters on Ner’zhul – Alliance.  Co-host of the debauchery known as The Leetsauced Podcast.

Viktory -  Bad-ass Disc Priest, Mediocre Shadow Priest on Ner’zhul – Alliance.  The other Co-host of the debauchery known as The Leetsauced Podcast.
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1.) I started gaming in ~1987. I was 5 and we’d just gotten an Atari 2600
2.) The first game I remember playing was original Mario Bros (no Super, just two guys jumping on a single screen)
3.) PC, Console & Handheld
4.) XBox & Wii, but iPad and 3DS over both
5.) Probably FFIII on SNES, only RPG I’ve played to completion multiple times
6.) Champions Online
7.) Doom
8.) Dragon Age 2
9.) RPG, Strategy and Sports
10.) Mario, brother of Luigi (not sure who their dad was)
11.) Action-oriented RPG with impactful decision making
12.) Morrigan, also non-Zerg Kerrigan (maybe sometimes Zerg Kerrigan but that’s weird, right?)
13.) Super Mario Bros 3
14.) That Kefka laugh
15.) The 30 minutes of Resident Evil I played before giving it away
16.) The last 3+ years where Thrall forgot he used to be badass
17.) LeetSauced, of course. Also SacredDuty.net, Hearthhead, and MadCast
18.) Dragon Age: Origins.  Just beat it last night.
19.) DA:Inquisition, SC2: Legacy of the Void
20.) Yes
21.) Do engage my mind and to socialize

The Mystery known as Evan “Hi-Ya” Yan . . .
He is the show’s stealthed Content Manager, and allegedly the internet.

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Guest Segments by:

Bruherd – This is the Bruherd Memorial entry. Spill some drank for our fallen (aka Lazy) cohort. His drink of choice was always Jack Daniels.

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