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Episode 52 – Fush your Collectors Edition featuring Xia!

Welcome back for another hour+ of comedy, ranting & sexual inuendo. This week’s guest certainly makes sure to inspire all of those, as we’re happy to have Xia from WoW/SWToR […]

Welcome back for another hour+ of comedy, ranting & sexual inuendo. This week’s guest certainly makes sure to inspire all of those, as we’re happy to have Xia from WoW/SWToR podcast The Sundering back.

On the agenda:
– WoW Pandaria stat changes announced
– Vik’s idea of how to improve epic weapons vs Legendaries
– Mass Effect 3 comes this week, and brings a shit-storm of Day 1 DLC controversy with it.
– Origin vs Steam
– At some point we decide to talk about this guy, though I’m not sure I remember why.
– We also discuss porn knock-offs of studio films, including Spider Babe

Games we played:
Vik – WoW, LoL, Dragon Age II
Logan – every japanese dating sim (aka Love Plus)
Hi-Ya – something super cool that you’ve probably never heard of

Stay tuned to the end for a special edition of the Hot Seat where Xia flips the tables on us, and later for the announcement of our latest contest.


Episode 43 – WTB More Aubrey Plaza

Welcome back. This week our guest is WoW Insider’s paladin tank writer Matt Walsh. Since pally tanks are 100% OP, there really wasn’t much to talk about that didn’t sound like Vik ranting against one tank class or another, so we decided to just dedicate the episode to the crazy, quirky hotness of Aubrey Plaza. If you haven’t seen her WoW commercial, you should probably take a moment and enjoy.

We also discuss the recent blue post in response to “horde bias” qq, hear from Rhidach about why Blood Elves are the best at everything, and surprisingly why he hates staring at blood elf chicks (pretty sure he likes ’em with more junk in the trunk – Vik)


Episode 41 – Vegas & Blizzcon Debriefing

The team finally got over the Blizzcon-crud and doesn’t sound like a bad bunch of Batmans.
We talk about our week’s in gaming. Vik has been digging some Might and Magic 6. Logan punched bricks, not in Minecraft, but in Picross 3D for the DS. Digital farmer/fighter, HiYa has been playing Rune Factory : Tides of Destiny on the Ps3.

We roped in thee Matticus to talk about the wild Vegas trip. Expect tales of ladies of the night, older ladies in the night, craps and keno. We then talk of Blizzcon party adventures and recount all the friends we met along the way.

What would a WoW podcast be without talk of WoW? Never fear, we share our feelings of Pandas, Pokemon, Talent overhauls, and the WoW Annual Pass.

There is also a prize you should look for at the end of the podcast!


Episode 38 – Edge Cage Match

This idea has been on the back burner for a while, I just didn’t know if I could do it justice. I wanted to profile how different raiding guilds operate, but I ran into the issue of how would I get an unbiased view. Would it be best to interview a raid leader? What about a raider or new recruit? I didn’t want a pretty recruiting pitch; I wanted the dirty truth.

This is where this week’s guests come in. We have had Mel on the show in the past. He is a stand up-guy. He leads raid. His guild, Edge on Garona, gets bosses down. But what raider can stand-up to a stand-up guy and help paint the full picture? Logically, Derevka.

Enjoy the interview, stay for the off-the-wall questions at the end.


Episode 37 – Meanwhile in Orgrimmar….w/ Anne Stickney

Our excellent guest this week is none other than WoW Insider’s own Anne Stickney (also known as Shade from All Things Azeroth Podcast). We asked Anne to stop by so that we could make wild and crazy lore accusations, and Vik could unveil his wish that we’d all see Varian Wrynn die someday. We also discuss the storylines we most want to see completed at some point, and Logan & Anne viciously shoot down Vik’s idea about Monk and/or Archdruid hero classes.

We also got a special segment with Mel from about the new threat paradigm.


Special: Firelands tl;dr

Dear Beloved Listeners,

Apologies are hollow. Do you really want to hear me make excuses for my slow editing? Probably not. How about I give you a comprehensive Firelands Raid tl;dr to make amends? Go ahead, give it a listen.

May I always live to serve you and your crown,

P.S. Episode 36 will be up tomorrow morning.


Episode 33 – Vik has never played FFVII

Yes, it’s true. Embarrassing as it is to admit, our guests this week, Jeff & The Nickus from RPG Weekly, rooted out that Vik has never played this legendary game. In his defense, it’s because FFIII was the shit, and there was no reason to mess with perfection.

Moving beyond this, we talked less about WoW than usual, but covered a healthy dose of other RPGs to fill your summer free time with, and wrapped it up with a double-barreled Hot Seat where we discussed Cosplaying for your Kinect. Give it a listen, then check out our guest’s show, live every Sunday.


Episode 32: Anafielle reporting for Duty

So Vik’s on vacation and Logan gets easily distracted.

Yet, We present you with this week’s episode of the Leetsauced Podcast featuring the lovely Anafielle of SacredDuty.net! With the first week of 4.2 under our belts, we discuss the new Firelands raid encounters and the addition of Firelands dailies. Taylor drops by and talks about his new venture. Then, Logan and Vik Fix Shit with some golden excuses to get out of raid to enjoy the summer weather. To top it all off, we put Anafielle in the hot seat with a loretacular BMK.