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Episode 42 – Kinaesthesia & The Answer to the Ultimate Question

Welcome back. This week we’re joined by Kinaesthesia from L2Raid.com and US #1 guild <Vodka>. I am still not sure what the Ultimate Question is, but if anyone can tell us, it has got to be Kinaesthesia.

Yes, listeners, I am also surprised that it took us 42 episodes before we had a guest from an alcohol-themed guild come on the show, but it was worth the wait. We talk about what it’s like developing strats that other guilds can follow, some of the work that goes into L2Raid, and Kina’s undying love for Ke$ha.

Capped off by a fun Hot Seat and a live stream of us playing LoL with Kina & Killars.

Games we played this week:
Vik – Battleheart, LoL
Logan – his Nintendo DS.
Hi-Ya – some grindy J-RPG you’ve probably never heard of
Kina – LoL, WoW, Words w/ Friends


Blizzcon Crafting – NSFW

So this happened on Wednesday night before Blizzcon. Guess if you put Logan & I in Target with spare time on our hands, we end up making adult-rated arts & crafts.

We’d like to thank all the workers standing on the streets of Las Vegas, fighting the good fight to hand out rather graphic trading cards, just so that young men like Matt can line their headboards and vanities with them. Good job, gents.

LeetSauced Blizzcon 2011 buisness cards

If you were one of the lucky view to pick-up one of these hand-crafted masterpieces at the WoW Insider Party, hats off to you.
If not, feel free to see if you can persuade Logan to make more.


Episode 40 – Blizzcon 2011 Packing & Survival

Well, we’re all hyped for Blizzcon, especially those of us who are turning it into an extended road trip.

This week our guest is Kat from Light & Leafy and the show formerly known at The Matticast. We discuss briefly what Blizzcon events we’re looking forward to, then get into what probably should have been a Vik & Logan Fix Shit segment about what to pack for optimal partying at Blizzcon.

(Whoa, two new shows in as many weeks; what kind of program are we running here? Also, excuse any factual errors as Hi-Ya joined us half-way through.)

A big thanks to Kat for staying up all night and keeping us entertaining. Be sure to check us all out on Episode 50 of The Sundering.

Also, if you’re at any of the Blizzcon festivities, let us know. Reach out to us on twitter @LeetSauced; we’re always happy to have a drink with listeners/community folks.


Episode 39 – Hiatus Recap and Patch 4.3 Views

This week it’s just Logan, Hi-Ya & I, casually discussing the games we’ve been playing since the Edge Cage Match episode. Between Minecraft, Dominion, Binding Isaac, The World Ends with You and Bastion, we’ve been spending plenty of time outside of WoW this month.

Aside from Logan’s stellar raid leading (lessons from @Melofedge I suspect), Vik’s actually spent more time hitting the AH, Brewfest & the PTR as we all anxiously await Patch 4.3 and Blizzcon.

Taking a look at the Season 11 armor sets coming in Patch 4.3, we’re happy to announce that Warlock pvp is your new skanky rp set.

Then we wrap it up with a 1 v 1 v 1 hot-seat crossfire, where we also get to hear what anime character Hi-Ya would be most likely to cosplay as at next year’s AnimeCon.


Ep 30: Go to the Well, mofo!!

Lesson 1.) Click the damn Lightwell
Lesson 2.) Sometimes when you make awkward statements on Twitter, it can totally pay off
Lesson 3.) Solar flares suck

[Vik, these are terrible show notes. Don’t worry, I’ll pick up the slack. -Logan]

Due to a solar flare killing my internet, this episode is a little overdue. Nevertheless, we had the joy of having Tomaj aka Gotowell from holytroll.net on the podcast. Expect Lego Man Human Centipedes, Rachel Bilson, Klondike Bars, my chances of picking up girls dressed as bears and perhaps some WoW talk.

Whoopi digs it; I think you will too.
-Logan of Deeprun Tram Productions


Episode 27: We love when Anne Stickney approves profanity in our titles

This week our guest is Rilandune from The Overlores podcast, part of the TNB Network.  We talk about the saddest songs to get a lapdance to, exceptionally potent alcohols, office attire, and….and… I actually forgot what  else we talked about.  Hopefully Logan updates the post when he edits the show.

[No dice. -Logan]

It’s always a sign of a good show when Vik has to hear it to remember the random shit he said. Hope you enjoy it.


Episode 26 – We make your co-host purr

Every show is a fun time for Logan, Hi-Ya and myself, but this week we had a ridiculously good time. Our special guest, wrapping up our month long “Ladies Who Love it Leet” series is Kat from the Matticast and Light and Leafy.

We cover T12 armor set aesthetics, troll instances, Portal 2, and how Logan could possibly get fooled by a tranny. I admit, I was a bit little worried that Kat was as prim & proper as they try to make her sound each week on Matticast, but boy was I in for a surprise. This gal is a hoot and a half, and anyone who agrees to the “right meow” drinking game is A+ in my book.

Stayed tuned at the end for a special Blizzcon event featuring us, Kat, and hopefully no law enforcement.