Guest Appearances

Episode 21 of the Sundering Podcast – Feb ’11 – Viktory and Logan join the Sundering cast to talk about Heroics, 4.1 predictions and Logan introduces everyone to Cakefarts.

Episode 10 of The Matticast – March ’11 – Viktory lends his two cents to the the Matticast in discussions about: The Hows and Whys of the Battle Rez, Raid Scheduling, The Performance Oriented Raid.

Episode 24 of the Gkick Podcast – May ’11 – The whole Leetsauced Crew crashes the Gkick podcast. We bring the booze and Teddy Ruxpin loaded with Nyan Cat on repeat.

Episode 31 of the Gkick Podcast – Aug ’11 – With regular Gkick host Alicara missing in action, Logan goes undercover posing as her to talk about Mists of Pandaria rumors, and Diablo III.

Episode 140 of the Twister Nether Podcast – Aug ’11 – Logan, Voktory and Hi-Ya are interviewed by Fimlys and Hydra about the Leetsauced Podcast and their WoW careers.

Episode 33 of the Gkick Podcast – Sept ’11 – Logan goes on the Gkick Podcast to wish Hyasen Happy Birthday but ends up scarring Alicara . . .

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