Patch 5.2 Guide – Throne of Thunder

Throne of Thunder? Who names an entire raid after a chair? Man, we’re really just running errands for people at this point….

The Thunder King Lei Shen has come back, and it’s up to you to stop him before…well, we’re not really sure but it seems like it involves zombies, slavery, trolls, dinosaurs and genocide, so maybe we should kill bosses first and ask questions later.

The Throne of Thunder, introduced in patch 5.2 “Thunder King”, includes 12 new bosses for you and your raid team to learn, kill, loot and repeat for the next 6 months.

Assembled below are links to Logan’s strategies and breakdowns for each boss, presented in audio format, so you can get a TL;DR for every boss in 5.2 Throne of Thunder raid, all while your Raid Leader rambles on about synergizing the group effort and aligning your chakras for optimal power, or some such nonsense.

Jin'rokh the Breaker - First Boss in Throne of Thunder 5.2 Raid

Jin’rokh the Breaker – Boss Breakdown

Horridon - Second Boss in Throne of Thunder raid 5.2

Horridon – Boss Breakdown

Council of Elders - 5.2 Raid Strat

Council of Elders – Boss Breakdown

Tortos Raid Boss Breakdown 5.2 Throne of Thuder

Tortos – Boss Breakdown

Megaera - 5.2 Raid Boss Breakdown

Megaera – Boss Breakdown

Ji-Kun WoW 5.2 Raid Boss Breakdown

Ji-Kun – Boss Breakdown

WoW 5.2 raid ToT boss Durumu guide

Durumu the Forgotten – Boss Breakdown

Primordius Guide 5.2 WoW Raid Boss

Primordius – Boss Breakdown

Dark Animus Raid Boss Guide for 5.2 ToT

Dark Animus – Boss Breakdown

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